Six Month Check-in

So, I've been away for a while... Much longer than I had thought, it seems. When popping into the blog page to see when the last post was made, I'd expected to see a post from a couple of months ago. It has been almost exact six. Wow. Time flies when you're, um, well.... I was going to say "having fun" but the latter half of 2014 was quite a roller coaster ride. The roughest patch of the year occurred on December 16th. I was admitted to the hospital for observation (nothing serious - I'm fine), but my wife ended up in the emergency room after being hit by a reckless driver in an extremely high speed highway accident. Thankfully, she survived and is doing well. Needless to say, that situation squashed any desire to do photo work. Now that things are getting back to somewhat normal, I'm dusting off the lenses and considering new projects. More information to come on those. For now, I'll show a few images from shoots conducted since my last post.

The first image shown below was from a shoot conducted in a small, well-decorated bathroom at a bed & breakfast in downtown San Angelo. The size of the room limited lighting options, so I went for a single 650 watt Arri tungsten fresnel light. 

Model: Jeska Bailey

I brought the fresnel light back out for a studio shoot.

Model: Autumn Brockman

I went back to the studio for a shoot with a number of lighting setups. This one was a simple Westcott Skylux LED light aimed at a large shoot-through umbrella. This was the first time that I had an opportunity to use the Nikon D810 for a studio shoot. Loved it!

Model: White Rabbit

I'll end the post here for now and follow up with another few soon!

© 2016 Jason Archer